Re: Comments on Server Graph or other like utilities

2002-11-10 18:14:49
Subject: Re: Comments on Server Graph or other like utilities
From: DFrance <DFrance-TSM AT ATT DOT NET>
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 16:55:05 -0600
Everything you say you are looking for, and more, can be found in this
product;  I've used it and continue to work with its developers as an
advisor on future developments... like any product, you must judge its
usefulness for your specific environment.

I suggest you obtain a copy of the User Guide, then download and obtain an
eval license;  I usually advise the install be done on a machine with
reliable network access to the TSM server(s) you want to monitor, like a
development or QA box that allows you to install with minimal bureaucracy.

I know there are several, large TSM sites using this tool that are on this
list; perhaps they, too, will respond.

Don France
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Subject: Comments on Server Graph or other like utilities

Hello List:

I administer a rather large TSM system in the financial industry. We are
considering the implementation of Server Graph for monitoring our
multiple TSM servers located all over the country (USA). I'm interested
in any experiences the members of this list may have with this product,
good and bad. Also, are there any other competing products that, in your
experience, work better?

We are looking for a tool that we can use from a central server that
provides TSM monitoring / Alerting, as well as reporting, and analysis
information. Ultimately, we'd like to be able to turn over the day to
day TSM stuff (restores, restarting / troubleshooting hung backups and
other basic tasks) to our 24x7 operations team so we can concentrate on
new TSM implementations, performance tuning etc... We'd like a tool that
will allow us to do both. Essentially we want to automate notification
of our operations team when something goes wrong, as well as use the
tool for in depth reporting and analysis of our site. We understand we
could accomplish this will a bunch of shell or Perl scripts, but we are
looking for something that's already put together and just works. We
don't have the time to reinvent the wheel here.

Our company uses OpenView and we will need to tie into this system as
tightly as possible. I understand that Server Graph claims to integrate
easily with OpenView. Do any of you have any experience with this
application? If so, will you please share your experiences?

Curtis Stewart
TSM Administrator

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