Re: Migration requires Backup ... ?

2002-11-07 08:31:06
Subject: Re: Migration requires Backup ... ?
From: Michelle DeVault <adsmigmo AT YAHOO DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 05:26:10 -0800
Well, technically, you will have one backup (or more
depending on your policy definition) and one migrated
copy.  But to answer your question, yes - you will
have another copy of the file that is the migrated
copy - separate from the backup copy.

--- Sascha Askani <se7en_t_2 AT GMX DOT NET> wrote:
> Hi TSMer !
> I currently have a little problem understanding how
> the switch "Migration
> requires Backup" works for my HSM-Client. I
> understand that a file can only be
> migrated to TSM when a Backup version of this file
> already exists on the
> server. Am I right that I have 2 backups of the same
> file consuming twice the
> space on the tapes if I use this option ?
> Quite confused,
> Sascha Askani
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