Re: StorageTek L700E library & TSM question

2002-11-05 11:07:12
Subject: Re: StorageTek L700E library & TSM question
From: Robin Sharpe <Robin_Sharpe AT BERLEX DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 10:15:41 -0500
Sounds like there is something wrong with your library.  We have an HP
20/700, which is a rebadged STK L700.  I'm pretty sure the robot does look
at the CAP when we put tapes in without being prompted by TSM.  We
definitely see tapes in there on the web interface, and checkins work as
expected.  Do you have one CAP or two?  We have two, and it always goes to
CAP B (the one on the right) first, for everything.  We have another 20/700
at our west coast location, and they have had lots of problems with it...
mostly robot/barcode related.  Many parts were replaced.  They went
back-level in firmware to match us.  They finally got it stable, but it
required many months and intensive involvement of HP "top gun" CE.  We
started with TSM 4.1 & upgraded to 5.1 on HP-UX server, and the 20/700
worked fone on both (there were new drivers in 5.1 for HP-UX).

Robin Sharpe
Berlex Labs

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Hi All,
We have a new STK L700e LTO tape library attached to a new AIX TSM server.
We are not running ACLS on the library. I can't get the library to accept
tapes via the Cartridge Access Point (CAP). We open the door, place a tape
in the slot, close the door, and run the checkin command specifying BULK.
The process ends in a failure. The robot never looks at the CAP.

When we put the tape in the CAP, the robot never inventories the CAP. I
this odd as our IBM 3494 tape libraries always check the CAP when the door
is opened to see what has happened. STK support says their library doesn't
do this. STK support says TSM has to tell the robot to go check the CAP. I
can't find anything in the TSM books that supports this. The STK web GUI
never shows tapes in the CAP either.

Can anyone help with this dilemma?


Wayne Spearman
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