Re: backup the share properties on windows platform

2001-12-26 22:51:03
Subject: Re: backup the share properties on windows platform
From: Bill Mansfield <WMansfield AT SOLUTIONTECHNOLOGY DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 21:47:42 -0600
TSM does not back up windows shares, therefore cannot restore them.

Shares are not file/folder attributes, but live separately in the registry.
When you remove 'ABC' you get a prompt telling you that the data is shared
and may not be visible later, or some such warning.  That is when the
registry info is deleted.

This has come up before.  Does anybody have a good solution for saving and
restoring the share information?
William Mansfield
Senior Consultant
Solution Technology, Inc

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Dear TSMers,

As I know, TSM should be able to backup the attributes of the files on
windows platform. However, I've tried to backup files on windows (TSM ver
4.2.1.x) but the share properties can't be retained.

Does anyone know if, say, i have a folder named 'ABC' and shared as 'XYZ',
I then remove 'ABC'. After a
restoration of 'ABC' to its original path, how can the network clients
be able to view and access it as sharename 'XYZ' ?

Many thanks.