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2001-12-21 09:29:00
Subject: Re: Migration
From: "<James> <healy>" <James.Healy2 AT AXACS DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 09:26:28 -0500
There is an algorythm in backup that detects when the primary storage pool
(disk) gets busy. if this pool is too busy the backup client will spill
over to the next pool. tape

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Subject:  Migration

Hi all,

today I have a question dealing with migration :

I have one disk-storage-pool that is filled up during the night by several
clients. When it reaches the High-Mig-Pct, the Migration starts with up to
three jobs going to tape.
Backups havent finished at that time and suddenly the backup-jobs wants a
tape to be mounted, and this is just that tape, that is mounted by the
migration-job (because of collocation on client). So the backup-job has to
wait and wait.
But the question is, why the backup of the client, that has as primary-pool
only a disk-pool whis no "maximum size threshhold" transfers data direct to
tape (while disk pool is migrating) and whow to stop this behaviour.

Thanks for help


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