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2001-12-19 12:01:49
Subject: Re: move data
From: Kelly Lipp <lipp AT STORSOL DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 09:56:30 -0700
No, not directly, but you could mark all of the tapes that you don't want to
use to private.  It would then have to pick the one you want.  If you have
lots of tapes this is not going to be fun!  Another way that might work is
to define the volume to the pool rather than letting TSM take a scratch
tape.  Make sure all the other volumes in the pool are marked readonly.
Then TSM will have to take the tape you want.

define vol tapepool volnumber

We get used to using scratch tapes and often forget we can define tapes to a
specific pool.

One last way easier than either of the other is to define a new pool and put
one tape (the new tape) into that pool.  Then:

move data volname stg=newpool

You can move it back to other pool when you're done fooling around!

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