Re: TDP Domino crashing

2001-12-19 09:21:34
Subject: Re: TDP Domino crashing
From: "Cook, Dwight E (SAIC)" <cookde AT BP DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 08:17:32 -0600
OK, just an off the wall, slightly related observation.
On an NT Domino server just using normal TSM archive, I hit a Dr. Watson
error and was dumped back to a C:\> prompt from my dsmc session.
What my problem was.... I was performing an archive, using a management
class that didn't have an archive copy group associated with it.  Totally my
fault from a tsm server admin point of view because I guess way back I just
didn't get that copy group defined BUT for "dsmc" to just die with a Dr.
Watson error ??????????

now knowing that TDP in general saves things in the form of "archives" (at
least TDP/R3 does) I would wonder if maybe something like what I described
above is being seen...  might be worth while just to query your mgmt classes
& archive copy groups to double check everything is as you expect (mine
wasn't !)


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