Re: NamedPipe settings on W2K client

2001-12-16 21:11:01
Subject: Re: NamedPipe settings on W2K client
From: Zlatko Krastev/ACIT <acit AT ATTGLOBAL DOT NET>
Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 04:11:32 +0200
Where are you getting this throughput - LAN or SAN?
LAN-free storage agent transfer relatively small ammounts of metadata over
LAN and you cannot achive best possible peak rates there. For LAN data
transfer you should be able to achieve at least 7-8 MB/s so the problem
could be with TCP/IP settings not Named Pipes.
SAN throughput is limited by both tape drive and the application providing
the data stream. For filesystems this is the storage agent itself. But what
is the tape drive you are writting to and isn't it the bottleneck (LTO can
be too fast and constantly lose streaming)? Are you using client or tape

Zlatko Krastev
IT Consultant

"Scott, Brian" <bscott AT EDS DOT COM> on 14.12.2001 21:13:11
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Subject:        NamedPipe settings on W2K client

Does anyone know if any NamedPipe performance settings?  We're running the
latest 4.2.x TSM B/A client on a Win2K box running LAN-free to a Sun
Microsystems Sunfire backup server (TSM We've noticed that using
NamedPipe between the TSM Storage Agent and the TSM backup server is almost
twice as fast as traditional IP based but we're only able to get about 3 -
4MB/s throughput. Are there any settings pertaining to NamedPipe we can


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