LTO, import data

2001-12-13 18:46:18
Subject: LTO, import data
From: Tom Tann{s <tom.tannas AT USIT.UIO DOT NO>
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 00:43:12 +0100
Hello tsm'ers.

Has anyone using these drives tried to do a import node?

I have HP Ultrium drives, LVD-connected to a S7A, AIX.
TSM is

When running an import from these drives I only get aroung 200KB/s, until
after some time the drive/scsi-bus/controller will give up.

Repeated tests on the same data/tape/drive result in the same, but the
amount of data imported could vary from some KB to several GB before the

All other operations to/from the drives work fine. Streaming, they are
really fast. Not streaming, not that good..., but that's not the issue
here, I hope.

I had a PMR opened on this two months ago, but nothing happens..

Has anyone using the IBM LTO-drives/Atapedriver had some experience in
importing data?

Any hints from LTO-users, IBM,HP or whatever, would be appreceated.

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