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2001-12-13 05:21:47
From: Niklas Lundstrom
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 11:21:47 +0100
Message Hello

We're using TSM server 4.2.0 on MVS
Client levels from 3.1.5 to

Yesterday I noticed that our large NT-fileserver couldn't connect to the=
ANR0428W Session 3937 for node SPNT190 (WinNT) refused client is down-le=
vel with this server version.

It turned out that in the TSM server the node spnt190 showed a client ve=
rsion level of but the BA Client installed is only 3.1.5.
Someone had restored files from the node using a client.
How do I change the client version in the database to match the real ver=
sion on the node?
In this case I had to upgrade the NT server to BA Client to get=
 the backups running again.

Niklas Lundstr=F6m
F=F6reningssparbanken IT
08-5859 5164
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