Re: Rebind deleted inactive files?

2001-12-12 18:34:36
Subject: Re: Rebind deleted inactive files?
From: Cameron McDonald <cameronm AT IBK.COM DOT AU>
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2001 11:31:50 +1100
As you are talking about active and inactive files you are talking about
"backups".  All versions of a file (active or inactive) will be bound to a
single management class.  If you change the managment class that file (all
versions of) are being bound to, by updating an include statement, then
all versions of that file will be rebound at the next backup.  This will
apply for existing inactive versions so that if the retention paramaters
have increased (e.g. Retain extra is increased) then these will now apply.

For "archives" there is no rebinding.  The same file can be bound to many
different management classes.  If you want to keep an archived file for a
longer time you can either keep all files in the management class longer
(by changing the retention days of the management class) or you need to
"retrieve" it and archive it again to a different management class.

Therefore, answering your specific question, for the directory structure
that needs longer retention, just do the standard thing of putting an
include statement pointing the appropriate directory and files at the
correct management class for the retentions you want.  (i.e. all that to
say the active and inactive files are managed be the same management


On Wed, 12 Dec 2001, Mark D Baker wrote:

> I have a customer that wants a particular directory structure to be
> retained longer than its existing management class.  I know I can rebind
> all the files that currently exist on the client to a new management
> class and retain those files for as long as I need.  But is there a way
> to rebind the inactive files that no long exist on the client to a new
> management class?  If not does anyone have any other suggestions?
> Thanks.
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