Re: How many concurrent backup sets?

2001-12-10 11:37:11
Subject: Re: How many concurrent backup sets?
From: John Naylor <John.Naylor AT SCOTTISH-SOUTHERN.CO DOT UK>
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 16:33:08 +0000
Hi, Farren,

Can't use the -loc
We use tcpip to restore direct from the server over the network to the clients.
Anyway despite the manual do not think that that you can restore a backupset
a locally attached tape with netware client.

Farren Minns <fminns AT WILEY.CO DOT UK> on 12/10/2001 03:08:23 PM

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Subject:  Re: How many concurrent backup sets?

Hi John

I create backup sets weekly and have done some successful restores using
the command below.

dsmc restore backupset "/dev/rmt/0" -loc=tape

Not sure if this helps though as I'm pretty new to all this.


Farren Minns

10/12/2001 14:38:20

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Subject:  Re: How many concurrent backup sets?

I am with you.
Collocation should improve the way you can plan to use backup sets.
Collocation at filespace level would certainly speed up restores as you
multi stream
without media contention.
I have recently been creating backupsets as an alternative to full backups,
I do have
an observation which people need to be aware of.
Creating backup sets is processor intensive, all those database entries for
active data
to find. So make sure you have enough processor power especially if you
more than one backupset concurrently.
If you are running TSM single threaded (default) then you may need to look
By the way I have not had any reply to my question about the syntax for
restoring a complete
backup set to a test box. As you can restore individually selected
filespaces I
would have
thought it was possible, but am prepared to be told it is not, if others
tried to get that
sneaky backupset restore syntax to work to do this and failed.

This was  the gist of my  question
I have created single filespace backup sets and restored them ok by
changing the
node name in the dsm.opt file of the test box to the same as the node from
the backup set was generated.
But If I try to restore a whole node backupset including all filespaces, I
cannot get it to work and the examples in the manual do not cover this.
Is this possible?
If anyone has done this I would be grateful for the syntax
The syntax below, works for a single filespace restore to a netware client
load dsmc rest backupset -repl=n -su=y server1.6446543  server1\data:

Nick Laflamme <dplaflamme AT ALUMNI.ND DOT EDU> on 12/08/2001 11:56:27 AM

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Subject:  Re: How many concurrent backup sets?

At 09:19 AM 12/6/2001 -0500, Joe Cascanette wrote:
>Depending on your server setup there will be a fight for tapes. Turning
>collocation ON for your onsite pools would greatly increase the time to
>create backup sets. I have 4 backup sets running every 2nd day at once (I
>have 10 drives which leaves 2 drive available to do restores.) I have also
>noticed that you are unable to perform storage pool backups during the
>creation of backup sets (it keeps canceling the process).

Since you're speaking with the voice of experience, I'm in no position to
doubt this, but at first glance, this seems counter-intuitive, or worse.
Can anyone wave their hands for a few minutes and explain why collocation
retards creating backup sets? :-)

>Joe Cascanette
>The Cumis Group Limited

Nick Laflamme
speaking for no one these days....

>PS - each backup set will use its own tape(s), I have a PRM (and others do
>as well) to correct this problem.
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>From: John Naylor [mailto:John.Naylor AT SCOTTISH-SOUTHERN.CO DOT UK]
>Sent: Thursday, December 06, 2001 5:36 AM
>After one weekend of selective full backups increased the size of the
>database by 20% , I have managed to talk management round to replacing
>them with backupsets.
>So all I have to do now is fit them into the available window.
>So the question is, Has anyone noticed any constraints on the number of
>generate backup sets that can be run concurrently, before they start
>impacting on each other?
>Is availability of tape drives going to be the only real constraint?
>Has anyone wriiten backupsets to file devices to overcome drive shortages?
>Any problems with this?

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