Re: Point system has me very confused

2001-12-08 16:39:26
Subject: Re: Point system has me very confused
From: "Prather, Wanda" <Wanda.Prather AT JHUAPL DOT EDU>
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2001 16:35:34 -0500
Yes, Tivoli has gone out of its way to make the point system confusing; they
didn't publish the point counts anywhere for months after the point system
was announced, and it's still very hard to get to unless you are working
directly with a helpful VAR.

But FINALLY, they past summer they set up a "Point calculator" on the web
site, where you can build sample configurations, and it will give you a
point count.  It's hard to find, and harder to use:
But the idea is you type in how many things you want - 1 TSM Tier 1 server,
10 tier 1 clients, 4 tier 2 clients, for example, and it gives you the point
count.  And by typing "1" as the number you want, you can obviously figure
out how many points an individual component requires.
Desktop machines are just called "clients", rather than Tier 0, BTW.

They also (finally) put a configurator on IBMLINK;  IF your contract gives
you access to the IBMLINK ESD section, you download it, install it, and run
it on your PC.  It is easier to use, in my opinion, than the website.  It
works no matter whether you plan to run your TSM server on an RS6000,
Windows, or OS/390.  (BTW, if you have never used IBMLINK but your company
owns a mainframe, call your mainframe sysprogs and ask them; they may have
·        Log in to IBMLINK

·        Go to the ESD section

·        Select RS6000CONFIGS

·        Select RS6000Win95

·        Download all the parts to a directory on your desktop and follow
the install instructions (you just click on self-extracting files, it's very

Fill in the blanks for your planned configuration, and it will give you a
point count.  It works better than the web version, in my opinion.

Re your question; a "desktop" (Linux, Wintel, Mac) workstation is just
called a "CLIENT", instead of "Tier 0".  Windows servers less than 5
processors are Tier 1; windows > 4 processors and UNIX <= 4 processors are
Tier 2.  

In the configurator, if you say you want 1 TSM server on a Tier 2 processor,
the configurator will tell you how many points that costs.  Also, the TDP
agents cost more points depending on which Tier the machine is in:  TDP for
Oracle on UNIX costs 5 times as many points as TDP for Oracle on Windows.  

To use the configurator, it will help if you have the original announcement
letter that gives the part numbers for the TSM components - that is
announcement letter 200-245.  You can get that from the free section of

It also helps to know that when selecting TSM clients in the configurator,
they are now called "Managed System for Lan" , or "managed System for San",
not client licenses.

HOpe that helps...