Re: Delete TDP backup piece directory from ADSM

2001-12-04 02:11:56
Subject: Re: Delete TDP backup piece directory from ADSM
From: Herfried Abel <ha7 AT DAIMLERCHRYSLER DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 08:07:17 +0100

1) if you use either a different node name or a different filespace for the
backups of the new /upgraded DB you can issue a "delete filespace" on the

2) you can create a new filespace where the backups go to and then,
according to your backup policy go back to 1) after your defined
"keep-the-backups"  time.

3) if all your backups are on tapes, you could set them now to "readonly"
and delete all af them after you did enough backups - according to your
policy-  again.

4) maybe there bis a simpler way and "Thiha" knows the answer ?


"Lai, Kathy KL" <Kathy.KL.Lai AT PCCW DOT COM>@VM.MARIST.EDU> on 04.12.2001

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Subject:  Delete TDP backup piece directory from ADSM

Dear all,

I have some backup pieces in the ADSM server which is still in active mode
and I can also find them in the catalog DB. However, the database that the
backup pieces belong to has already been upgraded and already registered to
another catalog DB. Therefore, I cannot remove those backup pieces through
RMAN of the orginal catalog DB anmore. How can I delete those old backup
pieces directory from the ADSM server.

Kathy Lai


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