Re: NDS tree backups

2001-05-31 13:56:49
Subject: Re: NDS tree backups
From: Jim Kirkman <jmk AT EMAIL.UNC DOT EDU>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 13:57:43 -0400

Couple of questions.

How are you specifying the NDS backup, and is the tree replicated on multiple
servers? Also, do you have the most recent TSA nlms?

Obviously 18 hrs is a 'bit' excessive! We back up one as part of the regular
backup of one of the servers in the tree with no additional overhead that you
can tell. We're on OS/390 2.6 with an array of client code.

Which brings me to a different question. When you upgraded to 2.10 did you get
TSM as part of the server pack? If so, was it the 3.7 code? We're getting ready
to go to 2.10 and I'm curious what version of TSM we'll get. Hard to believe
they would ship 3.7 when it goes out of support this yr.

Brian Nick wrote:

> Hello everyone.
>  We are running TSM 3.7.4 on OS/390 2.10 and are using the TSM 3.7.2 client
> on a Netware server. Here is our situation.
> Our NDS Tree backup take about 18 hours for us to  complete. I am being
> told by our Netware support group that this is a TSM client issue because
> according to them Arcserve can backup our tree in 10 min.
>  I have very limited knowledge of how Novell and the NDS tree backup works,
> but I was wondering if anyone else has seen similar times and if there is a
> way to decrease the length of the TSM backup when backing up the NDS tree.
> Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
>  Thanks,
>     Brian
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Jim Kirkman
Jim Kirkman
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