TSM server hanging

2001-05-31 12:18:45
Subject: TSM server hanging
From: "Richard L. Rhodes" <rhodesr AT FIRSTENERGYCORP DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 12:19:31 -5
Were having problems with our TSM server hanging during nightly

server:  RS/6K-S7A
tsm:    TSM 4.1.1
Drives: 3494 with 8 3590E drives

Within the last several weeks our server has hung  during nightly
backups about a half dozen times.   Actually, we don't think it's
hung, just running very slow.  In the morning there are 50 sessions
(max sessions is set to 50) just sitting there doing nothing, or just
running very slow.  You see just a little trickle of data coming in
on the ethernet adapters - a few k/s.  The aix error log and TSM log
show no errors that would relate to this problem (ie: the aix error
log has drive cleaning messages).  The TSM log does show lots of max-
session messages, but that's because the very first backups that get
started in the evening never finish, or finish so slow that we run
out of sessions.  IBM support has suggested that we put the latest
fix on (4.1.3), but other than that they have no idea.

Any help is more than Welcome!

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