Re: Recovery log utilization does not drop after DB backup

2001-05-30 09:14:39
Subject: Re: Recovery log utilization does not drop after DB backup
From: David Longo <David.Longo AT HEALTH-FIRST DOT ORG>
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001 09:14:55 -0400
When your recovery log hits 100%, basically one of two things happens.

1.  If there is "Available Space" greater than "Assigned Capacity" then log 
will acquire some of this additional space.

2.  When all space is consumed - TSM server crashes!  I have had this happen 
with server on AIX.  Solution for that is to use OS level dsmfmt and 
dsmserv extend log to gain additional space so server can be restarted.

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>>> suad AT CCU1.AUCKLAND.AC DOT NZ 05/30/01 02:28AM >>>
> some time ago I complained in a mail to this list that the recovery log
> utilization is not reset after a database backup. APAR IC30181 was generated
> for this problem. Its status is "open".

I complained about the problem too. The response I got was, when the system was
too busy it took a while for it to happen.

I have done this when no sessions/processes were running on the system and it 
took over an hour to reset itself.

Our situation is worse as sometimes the log jumps up to over 90% before we 
start to
backup (triggered by a ANR0314W). It has continued to increase after the backup
and has got to 98% in one observed instance. Will it stop sessions if it gets 
to 100?

The reason we don't have a auto triggered backup is that we use a manual tape
drive (LTO is a bit of a waste for incrementals).

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