Re: LTO 3583 drive cleaning

2001-05-28 09:28:32
Subject: Re: LTO 3583 drive cleaning
From: Jeff Bach <jdbach AT WAL-MART DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 08:29:24 -0500
When will the drive automatically be cleaned? How is it setup for a lights
out location?

Jeff Bach
Home Office Open Systems Engineering
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.


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        Subject:        Re: LTO 3583 drive cleaning

        > please let me advice, if anyone has some experience with automate
        > cleaning in TSM 4.1. in 3583 library. In 3583 user guide is
written, that is
        > desirable clean the drive only if drive recognize it itself (on
        > appears special symbol).
        > 1. Does 3583 make some notification to TSM server, that drive
clean is
        > needed?

        Yes, like this:
         ANR8914I Drive DRIVE04 (/dev/rmt/10mt) in library DLTLIB needs to
be cleaned.

        > 2. Take TSM some automatic action, if cleaning cartridge is
present in
        > library (in inventory)?

        You have to check in a cleaning cart in a specific way (see the
Admin guide) and
        set the "cleaning frequency" option on the drive(s) to "ASNEEDED"

        > 3. Is that action notified in actlog (which message)?

        The series of messages:
         ANR8914I Drive DRIVE04 (/dev/rmt/10mt) in library DLTLIB needs to
be cleaned.
         ANR8906I Cleaning drive DRIVE04 (/dev/rmt/10mt) in library DLTLIB.
         ANR8908I CLEAN DRIVE for drive DRIVE04 (/dev/rmt/10mt) in library
DLTLIB completed


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