Re: Tivoli for Domino

2001-05-26 06:32:34
Subject: Re: Tivoli for Domino
From: Mark Stapleton <stapleton AT BERBEE DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 22:53:29 -0500
Patrick Sheehan wrote:
>      I've configured two TSM servers to backup Domino databases and things
> appear to be running rather smooth, but I have a couple of questions about
> how certain things operate. First, I have two redundant mail servers that
> cluster-rep. The TSM server is on the secondary server. When I restore a
> database using the transaction logs and the point-in-time recovery it works
> well except for when the primary server replicates the deletions again.
> What is someone elses experiences/workaround with this? (I have a few in
> mind but they are kind of sloppy, I'd rather restore and be done)

>Also, I
> have many databases that have more than 30 meg worth of changes in a day
> and I get the old "More than 30 meg has changed blahblah run Backup Db to
> ...., is there a flag I can set to increase or eliminate this error or just
> do full backups every night (yuck)

You've gotten two different types of databases confused. The database
alluded to when it says "More than 30 Meg has changed..." is referring
to the internal TSM database. This message generally shows up in the
activity log when more than a certain percentage of your TSM database
has undergone change since the last backup. Set up an administrative
scheduled event to run this backup, and the error message will show up a
lot less.

Mark Stapleton (stapleton AT berbee DOT com)
Mark Stapleton (stapleton AT berbee DOT com)
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