Antwort: TSM configuration questions

2001-05-25 05:54:24
Subject: Antwort: TSM configuration questions
From: Rolf Meyer <Rolf.Meyer AT SATISFACTORY DOT NET>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 11:48:24 +0200

     I felt equal and defined one storage pool (family) per plattform. I
don't use disk storage pools, only tape and copy stgpools.

Another way is to use collocation to separate data. I use this only for
special cases (such as databases).


Rolf Meyer
Info Business Systems GmbH

Chuck Lam <chuck_lam AT YAHOO DOT COM> am 25.05.2001 11:21:23

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Thema: TSM configuration questions

I am setting up TSM in our shop and I am learning TSM
as I go. Right now, I have set up a 100GB Disk Pool
and one Tape Pool and one Tapecopy pool for making
offsite storage copies.  My questions are:

If I am doing backups using this configuration, my
daily backups on NT, Netware, and Unix will all first
go to the disk pool and then migrate to the tape pool.
 Data on the tapes will consist of information from
all platforms, mixing together, right?  I was
with this data mixing idea.  I called TSM support and
they assured me everything would be alright.  However,
If I still want to have tapes consisting of only one
platform only, are there ways to configure the system
to do that?  My purpose of doing this is to have NT,
Novell, and Unix System Administrators to handle their
own tapes.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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