Re: Windows 2000 server backups

2001-05-23 14:45:28
Subject: Re: Windows 2000 server backups
From: "Rushforth, Tim" <TRushfor AT CITY.WINNIPEG.MB DOT CA>
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 13:46:19 -0500
I have a (closed) PMR with Tivoli (20987) and open APAR IC29545.


DrWatson Event ID 4097
The application, , generated an application error The error occurred on
01/30/2001 @ 14:01:42.140 The exception generated was c0000005 at
address 780128F0 (strncmp)

dsmerror log shows:
01/30/2001 14:00:31 NTRestoreRsmDB(): error importing the RSM database
files.  Win32 RC=4312.

I am running W2K SP1 and have tried with and clients (3.7.3

If I exclude the RSM from the system object restore then the restore works
properly (and since I am not using RSM I assume this isn't a big deal.)

In my case I was restoring a Domain Controller - if I restored the System
Object in Directory Services restore mode it worked ok, but never worked
following the Redbook W2K Recovery steps. (Install new server, same name
etc, restore all files, don't reboot, restore entire System Object.)

For Domain Controllers, if you have the Active Directory Log and Database on
different drives then the client does not work for restore but the client does.

I may have another problem, still trying to verify, when a backup is done
with the administrator logged in (and hence the ntuser.dat is not backed
up).  In this case I have not been successful in doing bare metal restore.
Still working on this one.

Besides the above, I have sucessfully done Bare Metal restores of W2K Domain
controllers many times (15+).

Tim Rushforth
City of Winnipeg

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