TDP 3.1 for SAP R/3

2001-05-21 15:18:04
Subject: TDP 3.1 for SAP R/3
From: "Davidson, Becky" <Becky.Davidson AT EGR DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 14:19:15 -0500
I installed TDP 3.1 for SAP R/3 and I have seemingly had an unending amount
of problems with it.  When installing it the install failed with not enough
space even though when we checked everything according to the docs it would.
We had to turn off compression because a backup that used to take 3 hours is
now taking 20+.  After we turned off compression the backups were 5-6 hours.
Now I am checking things out on the Administrative Assistant and the backups
all say they have failed even though every log we can find says successful.
Are we just cursed or has anyone else had these problems?

Becky Davidson
Data Manager/AIX Administrator
voice: 314-259-7589
fax: 314-877-8589
email: becky.davidson AT egr DOT com
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