Storage Pools

2001-05-18 14:40:56
Subject: Storage Pools
From: "Berning, Tom" <TBerning AT SENCO DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 14:41:26 -0400
I am currently running ADSM and will be converting to TSM 4.1.

The question I have is my boss would like to keep all of the data that is
currently on our offsite copy pool and on our onsite archive pool.
What he want is to destroy the onsite migration pool, then start new backups
of all of the systems and migrate them to the onsite migration pool using

My question is if we delete all of the migration pool tapes and discard the
data will it also remove the data from the offsite copy pool tapes or will
they remain in tact in case
something needs to be restored from that pool?

We want to do this right after we convert from ADSM to TSM.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

Thomas R. Berning
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Cincinnati, OH 45244
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