Re: interrupt a running script

2001-05-18 05:13:05
Subject: Re: interrupt a running script
From: Sheelagh Treweek <sheelagh.treweek AT COMPUTING-SERVICES.OXFORD.AC DOT UK>
Date: Fri, 18 May 2001 10:14:40 +0100

No there isn't - and that's one reason why I don't use scripts
for daily housekeeping/processing; we use perl scripts for all
(serial) tasks we might want to interrupt.  As far as I know
there is no plan to enhance - with e.g. 'cancel script'.  I do
know that development are aware of the need for this feature.

The only workaround is to halt/restart the server but even that
could be dubious depending on exactly what commands are in the
script - you really want to halt when there are no processes

Best regards, Sheelagh
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