Re: Migrating to a 3466 C01

2001-05-17 09:27:13
Subject: Re: Migrating to a 3466 C01
From: Jeff Bach <jdbach AT WAL-MART DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 08:27:26 -0500
Put another network card in the F40.  Why would you run with only one if
this was your bottleneck.

Can you just migrate the clients and leave the data until it is not needed?

Jeff Bach
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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.


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        Subject:        Migrating to a 3466 C01

        We currently run ADSM server on a IBM F40 with an ACIC
Scalar 1000
        DLT-7000 library, and are planning to migrate to TSM 4 on an IBM
3466-C01 with
        an IBM 3584 LTO library.

        Normally we configure and install our server HW/SW ourselves, but as
        it the 3466 comes pretty much preinstalled (or at least is installed
on site by
        the vendor) and I don't want to void the warranty and service

        Usually when we change server HW we just move the disks to the new
system, but
        now we have SCSI disks on the F40 and SSA disks on the 3466. As I
see it there
        are two ways of doing this migration:

        1. Install ADSM 3.1 on the 3466 and move the db by backup/restore,
        volhist etc, and also attach the Scalar 1000, to the 3466 (we have
DRM on the
        3.1 license so perhaps we could use this to make things easier).
Upgrade to
        TSM 4
        and then migrate the data by move data or stgpool migration. Only
concern here
        is if the installation guys will approve.

        2. Using virtual volumes perform export/import server and also
        over the network.

        We currently have about 4TB in the primary tape stgpools and the F40
has a
        ethernet adapter so of course the network will be the bottleneck
        method 2.

        Anyone has experience on migrating to a 3466?

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