Re: TSM new licensing scheme

2001-05-17 07:34:01
Subject: Re: TSM new licensing scheme
From: Reinhard Mersch <mersch AT UNI-MUENSTER DOT DE>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 13:34:41 +0200
Gerhard Rentschler wrote:
> ...
> I have 577 registered clients on my TSM server. They are distributed over a
> large area. Due to the decentralized structure of our university we do not
> have a central inventory of all machines. It is impossible for me to walk
> around and inspect all machines to figure out how many processors are
> installed. So I have to find a rule of thumb how many servers we have and of
> which tier.

I'm in the same situation. Aside from the questionable tier scheme (Why
is an Intel box cheaper than a RISC box?), the situation is complicated
by the fact that only part of the registered clients are "in use" according
to "QUERY LICENSE" (357 out of 599 in my case). Don't get me wrong: I like
the new counting method, but I see no chance to determine which are the
clients that are counted to be in use and what tier they belong to.

On the other Hand: Under the old license scheme, we bought 650 clients.
If all of them are now considered to be of workstation type (i.e. 4 points),
this gives us enough points to be license compliant, even if there are many
tier 1 and tier 2 clients among the 357 clients in use.

After all: If the server is not able to watch and tell us the management
point consumption, should we worry?

And the poor response to your question and to a similar discussion on ADSM-L
some time ago gives me the impression, that others don't worry either ...
including Tivoli.

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