Re: TSM 4.1 bug???

2001-05-14 10:54:59
Subject: Re: TSM 4.1 bug???
From: "Gill, Geoffrey L." <GEOFFREY.L.GILL AT SAIC DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 07:55:27 -0700
I have a client that upgraded an NT server to WIN2K without telling me. That
node had ADSM baclient V3.1 on it. My server is AIX 4.3.3 TSM, and
had begun to show failures of that node in the scheduler. A review of the
error logs on the node didn't show any real failures, except for some system
files in use. The backup did complete and reported this in the dsmsched.log.

I previously noted, when my server was at, that these would not
show up as failures in the schedule. I'm not sure if this is related to the
mixture of codes/OS's of the client and server. I did upgrade the client to on Thursday last week and the failure reports have disappeared.

Geoff Gill
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>Subject: TSM 4.1 bug???
>Does anyone have a problem with tsm reporting events inaccurately i.e.
>saying it failes when it completed and the reverse??
>please advise
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