Re: More on 3590K tape quality issues

2001-05-14 01:28:01
Subject: Re: More on 3590K tape quality issues
From: Stephen Pole <stephenp AT PRTH.GEOBANK.PGS DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 13:24:39 +0800
This is not related to the 3590K drive issue but might be.... Especially
since I am only using 3590B's or E's

One site we have has the following 8 x 3590 B drives in 3494. Server uses
ADSM version 3.1 (I know 3.1 is not supported anymore but we have to use due
to an API issue). This site runs fine with not problems labelling.

The other site has 3 x 3590E drives. It does have problems labelling 3590
(10Gb) tape.

When labelling 3590 (10Gb) tapes, approx 33% of tapes labelled return a
"defective media" result. It shows up in AIX error logs and ADSM error logs.

Anyone heard of this ?? Has anyone heard of this?

Will moving to AIX 4.3 and ADSM (TSM 3.7 or 4.1) Fix this??  I assume that
ADSM version 3.1 knows nothing about 3590E drives.

I know this is a total DUHHHHHHHH question .. but it's bugging me. IBM say
that it will go away in 3.7 and 4.1. Make sense??

Your responses will always be appreciated


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