Re: TSM Client/AIX/Sybase paging space problem

2001-05-11 11:25:45
Subject: Re: TSM Client/AIX/Sybase paging space problem
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 10:32:21 -0500
David- the only thing I have to offer you is that there was a known memory =

leak with all OBSI modules prior to  Perhaps it was reintroduced =


SQL-BackTrack? OBSI Module for ADSM
Technical Bulletin=20
Version 2.4.10=20
August 16, 2000=20

BMC Software is alerting users of SQL-BackTrack OBSI Module for ADSM, all=20
versions on all platforms, to a problem.=20
This technical bulletin describes a patch for SQL-BackTrack OBSI Module=20
for ADSM to prevent the problem from occurring.

There is a memory leak in the SQL-BackTrack OBSI Module for ADSM product.=20
For every 64k block of data recovered,=20
there is a loss of 8 bytes. Depending on the minimum bytes allocated by=20
your memory management system, this could=20
result in a greater loss for each 64k block of data being recovered.

good luck,

David Longo <David.Longo AT HEALTH-FIRST DOT ORG>
05/11/2001 08:43 AM
Please respond to "ADSM: Dist Stor Manager"

        cc:     (bcc: Lisa Cabanas/SC/MODOT)
        Subject:        TSM Client/AIX/Sybase paging space problem

We have a new installation that has problems in that paging space=20
continues to grow until it hits 100% over about 8-10 days.  Having setup a =

cron job on AIX that logs paging every 5 minutes, I determined that=20
essentially the only time paging space increases is when backups are=20
running.  We reboot to clear problem.

TSM Server is on AIX 4.3.3

Client is:
IBM RS/6000 Silver SP node w 2x 332 MHz processors and 1GB RAM and 1GB=20
paging space.  (Node is standalone and not "fenced".)
AIX 4.3.3. Maint Level 7
Sybase ASE (Using raw logical volumes  for db - vendor insisted=20
on this)
SQL Backtrack 4.5.00 with OBSI module 2.5.00
TSM Client

The paging space will jump up about 4 -8 % per day.  I do SQLBT backup of=20
database at 12:15 am and regular FS incremental at 2:15 am.  Paging space=20
incresases when each backup starts and does not go down.

I saw info on Tivoli site that TSM client (which I was using) had=20
memory leak problems on NT and possibly other platforms, so I downloaded=20
what I saw as latest AIX version, and installed - no change.
I have on other AIX and NT boxes with no problems.

We had ML 6 of AIX on and was happening with it too, upgraded to ML 7 for=20
other reasons and no change.

This is a new install, users not on system yet, Database is getting info=20
from another system and apps are being developed to generate reports from=20
this DB.

Last night I disabled both backups and NO PAGING SPACE increase occured.
One other bit of info (maybe confusing).  Using the svmon command, it=20
seems to indicate that Sybase is the user of the growing paging space!

Any ideas folks?  It is not obvious to me how a regular FS incremental can =

cause Sybase to use additional paging space.

If no one has a solution I will open a ticket with Tivioli to start with=20
and then proceed down the line one vendor at a time.

Thanks for your head scratching,

David B. Longo
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