Re: Restore DB2 and TSM and SQL2062

2001-05-11 03:35:45
Subject: Re: Restore DB2 and TSM and SQL2062
From: Mustafa Baytar <mustafa.baytar AT EFESPILSEN.COM DOT TR>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 10:34:33 +0300
did your db2  backup finish  successfuly
whith which user you tray to make restore

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We had following problem.
We installed aTSM at a customer.   Client NT 4.0  Server NT4.0 with the latest
DSMI_DIR, DSMI_CONFIG and DSMI_CONFIG are set at My Computer Environments.
DB2 is running under SAP/R3. We backed up the DB2 Database with a script :
Setting the variables
Stopping R3 db2stop  then db2db6 backup database %SID% use adsm
Now the Problem The Database is on a RAID5 - Disk System The System crashed
and we got corrupt Files and two Tablespaces are offline.
Now we want to do restore of the database from the DB2 control Center. Right
Mouse Button on the Database P01 Restore Database.
Medium ADSM
We got the message :  SQL2062N an error occured while accessing media
H:\SQLLIB\bin\db2tadsm.dll Reason Code 2041
Does anyone have a TIP to solve the Problem. There is nothing in the
Thanks for Help
Frendly Regards
Felix Muelbaier
mailto : fmuelbai AT transcat DOT de (weekdays)
              muefelan AT t-online DOT de  (week-end)

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