Site documentation

2001-05-09 19:07:00
Subject: Site documentation
From: Steve Harris <Steve_Harris AT HEALTH.QLD.GOV DOT AU>
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 09:07:07 +1000
Hi Gang

I've come into a site, changed things around and fixed the obvious errors.  I 
now know the site intimately, however it is now time to extract myself from the 
infrastructure by documenting things. I'm aiming this doc at someone who is TSM 
literate but not an expert, and would like to make it as static as possible to 
ease the maintenance burden.

Those of you who see many TSM sites in the course of your work will have 
particular things that you would like documented that seldom are.
What tips can you give me.

Steve Harris
AIX and ADSM Admin 
Queensland Health, Brisbane Australia

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