Re: TDP Exchange gives out of storage

2001-05-09 13:34:05
Subject: Re: TDP Exchange gives out of storage
From: Del Hoobler <hoobler AT US.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Wed, 9 May 2001 13:34:45 -0400
An update for those watching this thread...

Michel discovered that the time setting of his server
and his client were an hour off, and so he wasn't looking
in the correct portion of the TSM Server activity log to find
the messages.  Once he looked in the TSM Server log
more closely, he found that TDP for Exchange was
logging the failure messages correctly.



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I am testing the TDP for Exchange in an environment. Everything works fine.
can do full, incr backups. We do save the backups directly to a VTS atached
the Mainframe. Now the number of scratch tape defined for the storagepool
reached the maximum. I can add some tapes but my problem is the message
that the
server is out of storage (ANS1329S) is only trapped on the client and not
on the
server. The batch can give an %errorlevel% = 306 and the excdsm.log does
the message but the actlog does not show the problem.

Is there any possibility to send this message to the server? Do I have to
install some mail uitility on the client to be able to inform the people
concerned about the fact that the backup in not complete?

TSM Client 3.7.2 on WinNT
TDP for Exchange V1.1.1.0
TSM Server V3.7.1 on OS390

M Engels
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