Re: Newbie Concern on Restore Times

2001-05-08 16:04:03
Subject: Re: Newbie Concern on Restore Times
From: "Caffey, Jeff L." <jlcaffey AT PIER1 DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 15:04:50 -0500

We've had less-than-we-expected restore performance with TSM.  Our backups
FLY, but our restores are slow.  But when I tested TSM (on LTO) against our
old system that we used for NT (Veritas Backup Exec on DLT), TSM won.  TSM
was MAYBE 10-20 percent faster on restores, but EASILY 300% faster on

My opinion...  TSM wasn't much of an improvement over what we had in terms
of restoring data, and since that's what it's for - you can't overlook that.
It cut down my backup window dramatically, and it's MUCH easier to manage
than Backup Exec, but in the event of a real disaster I don't expect much
benefit.  At least my daily headaches have been greatly reduced, and I've
almost completely taken the tape operators out of the equation.   Overall,
I'm very pleased.

Now if I could just get that restore performance back up there...

Thank you,

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From:   Bernard Ruelas [mailto:bern AT CADENCE DOT COM]
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Subject:        Newbie Concern on Restore Times

My company is looking at replacing Legato's NetWorker with
Tivoli's TSM, and I've been told by another competitor's
marketing rep that TSM restore time takes forever.
The problem occurs with the backup of a volume of 30GB+
over a week, then trying to restore it many changes later.

We plan to test this case, but does anyone have any horror
stories/previous experience or docs that would refute this?
I'm a little nervous about trusing what the competitor says....

Thanks in advance,

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