Re: User exit usage

2001-05-07 14:20:07
Subject: Re: User exit usage
From: Richard Sims <rbs AT BU DOT EDU>
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 14:20:56 -0400
>How is "user exit" configured?  How does it know which port to use?  How
>does it know which program to call?

The ADSMv3 User Exit facility (see Technical Guide redbook) provides the
ability to write a program that does whatever you want (including crash
the server).  The server code ships with a sample program.
You should more generally refer to the Admin Guide manual section
"Logging Tivoli Storage Manager Events to Receivers", which describes
various exits and SNMP.  Tread carefully in this area: you need to
know what you're doing and have experience in the technologies involved
in this stuff.

  Richard Sims, BU
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