Re: ANR8441E Initialization failed for SCSI library 3570LIB.

2001-05-06 13:43:21
Subject: Re: ANR8441E Initialization failed for SCSI library 3570LIB.
From: Laura Buckley <buckley AT STORSOL DOT COM>
Date: Sun, 6 May 2001 11:30:36 -0600

It sounds as if the library is not properly configured.  You can run a test
using the libtest utility to see if you are correctly communicating with the
library.  Run the test as follows.

This utility is located on Windows servers in the tivoli\tsm\utils directory
or on Unix servers in the /usr/tivoli/tsm/server/bin directory.

To run the test on Windows servers

lbtest -dev lb0.0.0.2  (where lb0.0.0.2 is the scsi dev name of the library)

and on Unix servers

lbtest -dev /dev/lb0

You will be presented with a menu

Select Manual Test

Select 6: Open.  If the open is successful, LBTEST is successfully
communicating with the library.  If the open fails, you may have a
configuration problem with the library.  Verify that the scsi driver is
loaded and running.  Verify that you have the correct scsi id number.
Verify that the os can see the library at boot.

If the open succeeds you can proceed with the following test:

Select 8: Ioctl Return Element Count  (This will report the number and types
of identifiable elements in the library i.e. drives, ioport etc.)

Select 9: Ioctl Return All Library Inventory.  This will show all of the
library elements.  It will also show what is in each element (i.e. drive,
slot etc.)  Look for the drive numbers and the element numbers for those
drives.   Also confirm that the drives have the correct scsi id.  These are
the correct element numbers and scsi ids for the define drive commands.

Hopefully, using this diagnostic procedure, you will be able to determine
the cause of your problem.

Good luck

Laura Buckley

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