How to get detailed Informations from API backups

2001-05-01 12:25:48
Subject: How to get detailed Informations from API backups
From: Thiha Than <Thiha_Than AT TIVOLI DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 09:26:26 -0700
hi Clemens,

It depends on the application using the API.  TDPO 2.1 doesn't send such
information to the TSM server.  There is nothing you can do to see
information like what b/a client sent to the server.  We've just released
TDPO 2.2 which sends some information like what you are looking for.


We are performing Oracle db backups with RMAN and EBU over the API.
I create an own Node Name and an own MC for this purpose. The Backups
are working well.

My question is how to get more detailed Information from the ADSM Server
about the RMAN/EBU Sessions. In the actlog I get only Informations about
start and stop of these Session but no summary about other parameters
(for example # of files inspected, backed up,..., Network transfer
you can see from normal dsm sessions.

I know that it is possible to gain Informations from the RMAN/EBU logs, but
this is not what I want.

So the questions are:
Is there any parameter I can set in the RMAN/EBU Scripts to send more
Session Informations to the ADSM/TSM activity log?
Does anyone know something about an newer online/offline documentation
about db backups than the redbook SG24-4335-03 (especially for Oracle)?

Thanks in advance
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