discovering 3590 serial numbers on NT

2001-05-01 06:12:05
Subject: discovering 3590 serial numbers on NT
From: Richard Bates <Richard_Bates AT UK.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 10:00:14 +0100
I have multiple AIX TSM servers using 3590 tape drives (in two 3494
libraries) across a SAN.  When I needed to know the serial numers of the
rmtX devices I just used "lscfg -vl rmtX".  This enabled me to define the
appropriate drives to the correct TSM  library.  Simple.

When I build a similar TSM environment on NT  and the TSM device driver
discovers the 3590s across the SAN I get a list of mtx.x.x.x devices.  How
do I find out which physical 3590 each mtx.x.x.x device corresponds to?  I
can't find anything similar to "lscfg" for NT.

At the moment I'm having to define one tape drive to a library.  Mount a
tape in the drive (if possible) and then use mtlib to see which tape drive
has got that tape mounted.  Repeat for each drive.....

Surely there is a simpler way???

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