Re: Backing up Groupwise 5.5 on Novell 5.0

2000-11-28 09:20:32
Subject: Re: Backing up Groupwise 5.5 on Novell 5.0
From: Lawrence Clark <Larry_Clark AT THRUWAY.STATE.NY DOT US>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 08:47:20 -0500
We do not stop groupwise but do back it up in the evening when there is little 
activity. For our laregest server we did run into a situation with the backups 
going so far then just stopping with the session still active the following 
morning. This was resolved by excluding the Novel temporary ques.

>>> jacques AT MAXTEC.CO DOT ZA 11/28/00 08:16AM >>>
Can anyone tell me how I can backup the above-mentioned since there is no
TDP agent? Do I need to use the pre- and post schedule commands to shut
groupwise down and start it up again and if I do how do I go about doing
Thank you kindly.
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