Column width in "select message from actlog"

2015-10-04 17:26:33
Subject: Column width in "select message from actlog"
From: Kai Hintze [mailto:kai_hintze AT POSTMARK DOT NET]
When I "query actlog" I get the full text of messages. Some of the
hardware error messages go for 3 or 4 lines (on my 132 column window)
by the time it lists the sense codes then interprets the sense code.
But when I "select * from actlog" the longer messages get chopped off
after 2 1/2 lines.

Reading Mr. Sims' Quickfacts (thanks again, Richard) I note that the
default wide mode is 250 characters, and that would be about right. I
know of the trick to "select message as 'message <with 400 spaces>'"
but I'm not really happy at the thought of forcing all the messages to
report as that long. (And I haven't tried it, but I suspect that ADSM
will not be happy with that long of a line either.)

Does anyone have another suggestion for getting the complete text of
the message out of a "select ... from actlog" or do I need to just go
ahead and parse a "query actlog"?

Command Line Backup Client Interface - Version 3, Release 1, Level
Server Version 3, Release 1, Level 2.20

on AIX 4.1.5 and 4.3.2.

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