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2000-11-20 16:34:39
Subject: Re: IPX Clients
From: David Longo <David.Longo AT HEALTH-FIRST DOT ORG>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 16:33:27 -0500
Thanks - that did the trick!!

>>> Andrew_Raibeck AT TIVOLI DOT COM 11/20/00 04:15PM >>>
Hi David,

From the "TSM for NetWare Using the Backup-Archive Client"


   The ipxserveraddress option specifies the IPX/SPX address
   of a server on an OS/2 or AIX host that is not in the same
   network as the client node. If the IPX/SPX address is not
   specified, the server must be in the same network as the
   client node.


   >>-IPXSErveraddress- server_address--------------------><



      Specifies a twenty-hexadecimal digit IPX/SPX address
      for a server. Pad each field with leading zeros if the
      value is shorter than the specified length. An IPX/SPX
      address is a concatenation of the following digits:

      - The first eight hexadecimal digits that identify the
        server network address.

      - The last twelve digits that identify the server node

      If an IPX/SPX address is not specified, the default
      address for the server is the same address as the
      client workstation.


   Options file:

      ipxse 0000000210005af6e7cc

   Command line:



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David Longo wrote:

> I have a Netware Client that for variuos reasons can only talk IPX for the 
> time being.  I have configured AIX/ADSM server to talk IPX in addition to
> Configured dsm.opt on  Client for IPX.
> When start client get message ANS1036S  Invalid option "IPXSERVERADDRESS      
>  00000009:0020484000BC
> in dsm.opt"   (this is not verbatim but gets essential across).
> Have tried several formats for the address ex. using only MAC address.  Can 
> find no documentation on what address format to use here.
> Anyone know about IPX ?
> Thanks,
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