TSM 4.1 pricing and reseller

2000-11-20 13:01:11
Subject: TSM 4.1 pricing and reseller
From: "Wu, Jie" <JWu AT NCTR.FDA DOT GOV>
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 11:57:37 -0600
Hi all,
        I am planning to upgrade our current ADSM 3.1 to TSM 4.1. I talked
with IBM and got a quote of ~$40,000 (after 40% discount) for our RS/6000
based server and 200 clients (14 unix and 186 intel), which is much higher
than my budget based on a quote for TSM 3.7 I requested from IBM in July. (
It is about $27,000 ). This situation is really frustrating and I am hoping
that I can get a better price from a reseller. Has anybody got a good deal
from a reseller and recommend to me?


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