Re: mountableinlib / mountablenotinlib

2000-11-17 13:08:12
Subject: Re: mountableinlib / mountablenotinlib
From: Scott McCambly <mccambly AT ATTCANADA DOT CA>
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2000 13:20:06 -0500
Well Diana, I hear misery loves company... ;-)

I had the exact same problem, and I suspect that you won't be able to make
use of what I did to fix it....  In my case the offending tape was the last
one remaining in a storage pool that I was retiring.  I changed a
destination parameter and forced some data to be written to this tape via a
migration process.

Then I did a "move data" to get the data back off the tape and this seemed
to reset the status so that I could then delete it.

I honestly think this is a bug and so should be called in to Tivoli, but
I'm not sure how to suggest that the problem be recreated.

I was running at on AIX, so I figured they would tell me to just
upgrade anyway, so I didn't bother reporting it after I resolved it myself.

Good luck!

At 04:50 PM 11/14/00 -0500, you wrote:
>I accidently posted this previously with html.  This version should have
>not html in it.
>Thanks for everyone who responded to my question about "move media vs.
>checkout".  I found the answers quite helpful and I've been testing both
>commands.  Now I seem to have created another problem for myself.  I've
>searched the archives about this problem and found others who have had this
>problem but no answers that corrected the situation for me.
>The tapes that I issued the move media command against and which I've
>checked back in, report as being mountableinlib with the query media
>command.  If I try and delete them I get a message saying that it cannot
>delete them because the tape is mountablenotinlib.  My reuse flag is set to
>0, I've issued the move media command to change the state, I've checked
>them out and checked them in (without removing them from the library) and
>I've waited overnight to see if it magically corrected itself (this was
>also in the archives but I didn't think I'd be so lucky :).  I'm at
> on AIX 4.3.  Anyone know how to get the status corrected
>throughout the database.  It's obviously kept in more than one spot since
>it's bing reported both ways.
>Q media:
>Volume Name:  000060
>State:  Mountable in library
>Last Update Date/Time:  10/24/00 17:07:10
>Storage Pool Name:  OFFSITE
>Automated LibName:  TAPELIB
>Volume Status:  Empty
>Access:  Read/Write
>Last Reference Date:  10/03/00 18:03:46
>Q volume:
>Volume Name:  000060
>Storage Pool Name:  OFFSITE
>Device Class Name:  3590E
>Estimated Capacity (MB): 0.0
>Pct Util:  0.0
>Volume Status:  Empty
>Access:  Read/Write
>Pct. Reclaimable Space:  0.0
>Scratch Volume?:  Yes
>In Error State?:  No
>Number of Writable Sides:  1
>Number of Times Mounted:  1
>Write Pass Number:  1
>Approx. Date Last Written:  10/03/00  18:03:46
>Approx. Date Last Read:  10/03/00 17:30:31
>Date Became Pending:
>Number of Write Errors:  0
>Number of Read Errors:  0
>Volume Location:
>Last Update by (administrator):  xxxxxx
>Last Update Date/Time:  11/09/00  23:15:34
>Error Received During Delete:
>ANR1425W  Scratch volume 000060 is empty but will not be deleted - volume
>state is "mountablenotinlib".
Scott McCambly
AIX/NetView/ADSM Specialist - Unopsys Inc.  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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