Re: Client ver 3.7.2 - no SA software

2000-11-09 10:01:20
Subject: Re: Client ver 3.7.2 - no SA software
From: "Gill, Geoffrey L." <GEOFFREY.L.GILL AT SAIC DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 07:00:37 -0800
Sadly the SA GUI is gone, I'm not sure I ever read why it was taken out
unless they are just trying to simplify things. I also liked it.

I did try a test though. I installed the 3.1.08 version on a computer and
upgraded to a newer version without removing. Since the new version does not
install in the same directory structure as before I was able to keep the SA
GUI and it seemed to work. I doubt Tivoli would support you if you had
problems since 3.1 is going off support soon.

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>Subject: Re: Client ver 3.7.2 - no SA software
>Andy, Gill,
>I did indeed do the custom install. And I noticed that there 
>is the command
>line interface, but I was referring to the SA GUI interface as 
>with version
>Is there no longer a GUI interface ?
>I am as said by Lawrence, using the GUI of the 3.1, but I had 
>thought the
>newer versions would also have some sort of GUI interface.
>Makes it much much easier to add nodes, check statuses of 
>backups, kill jobs
>Anyone on the SA GUI for 3.7 and above ?
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>> Subject:      Re: Client ver 3.7.2 - no SA software
>> Did you do a "Typical" or "Custom" install?
>> Beginning with the 3.7 client, the Administrative command 
>line interface
>> is
>> no longer part of the typical install in order to bring it 
>in line with
>> the
>> meaning of "typical". The rationale is that the typical TSM 
>user is an end
>> user who does not require this capability.
>> If you run a custom install, you can select the Admin component for
>> install.
>> Regards,
>> Andy
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>> Subject:  Client ver 3.7.2 - no SA software
>> All,
>> I just downloaded the TSM client for Windows (Intell) 
>version as above,
>> and
>> I noticed after the install, that even tho I told it I 
>wanted to have the
>> administrative software installed as well, that it does not 
>install and
>> administrative client.
>> Since I need this Administrative capability, anyone have any 
>ideas how I
>> can
>> get at it ? Or what to install ?
>> I need the same type of Administrative capabilities as were 
>available in
>> the
>> 3.1.08 client version.
>> Thanks,
>> Mike Glassman
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