Introducing new tapes for 3570

2000-11-02 23:39:15
Subject: Introducing new tapes for 3570
From: ameerul madzali <ameerulm AT HOTMAIL DOT COM>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 04:38:17 GMT
Hi Friends,
Need urgent help. I'm quite new with this. Earlier our engineer has put in
some tapes to the 3570 tape library. Now the tapes has been used up and I
need to add a few more tapes to the library . There are still more bays to
put in.

I'm not sure how to do it but this was my steps :
1. Use tapeutil command to put in the new tapes
2. label the vol:
label libv magstar1 search=yes labelsource=barcode checkin=scratch
3. audit library magstar1 checklabel=b
4. checkin all the tapes using the web based admin

It is define as scratch in the q libvol command for the new tapes introduced

But when I issue a backup command (inc), it went through the new tapes but
error occurs :

ANR 8355E  I/O error reading label for vol 02CB26 in drive MAGDRIVE1

ANR 8311E An I/O error occured while accessing drive MAGDRIVE1 (/dev/rmt1)
for GETLOGSENSE operation, errno=22

ANR 8778W Scratch volume 02CB26 changed to private status to prevent

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