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2015-10-04 17:43:36
Hi folks,

I need your help in solving the ADSM backup problem.

Background story:
To install ADSM 3.1 on NT Server 4.0 with Service Pack 4 running on IBM
Netfinity 5500 and a Magstar MP 3570 attached to PCI SCSI-2 Fast/Wide
Differential adapter in Netfinity 5500.
After installation finished and reboot, ADSM server started, device drive
ADSMscsi started.
Increase database, recovery log volume, disk storage pools.
Under diagnostic found following items:
TapePeripheral mt0.0.0.1
MediumChangerPeripheral lb0.1.0.1
TapePeripheral mt2.0.0.1

Command used to define the library, dual drives, class and storagepool:
>define library autolib libtype=scsi device=lb0.1.0.1
>define drive autolib autodrive1 device=my0.0.0.1 element=16
>define drive autolib autodrive2 device=my2.0.0.1 element=17
>define devclass autoclass devtype=35700 format=3570C library=autolib
>define stgpool autopool aotoclass maxscratch=100
I use the wizard to label libray volume for both magazines and follwing
command to check in the library volume
>checkin libvolume autolib status=scratch search=yes

Setting on the Magstar MP 3570:
Library has been configured in Random mode and is running base

All the above command run successfully. But problem occurs while I backup
data on to the tape cartridge. The whole system was hung with the following

ANR8302E I/O erroro on drive AUTODRIVE1 <MT0.0.0.1>
Description=SCSI Adapter Failure>. Refer to Appendix B in the 'message'
manual for recommended action.

Message in the event viewer in NT:

The description for Event ID (11) in source (AdsmScsi) could not be found.
It contains the followinig insertion string(s):

The description for Event ID (11) in source (AdsmScsi) could not be found.
It contains the followinig insertion string(s):

I installed Magstar MP 3570 driver under NT tape device and backup
successfully onto a tape cartridge on Magstar MP 3570 via NT's native
backup. I guess it eliminates the possibility of adapter failure.

Any clues? I tried to install service pack 3 for NT 4.0 and also the fix for ADSM V3R1, but no improvement has made. Have I miss a step during 
the installation? Or ADSM for NT simply doesn't work with Magstar MP 3570 and 
DLT 7337? Please advise.

Christy WU
ELM Computer Technologies Limited

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