Recovery on ADSM expired file

1999-05-27 07:33:39
Subject: Recovery on ADSM expired file
From: Eric Tang <tangeric AT HK1.IBM DOT COM>
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 19:33:39 +0800
Dear all,

Some questions related to recovering files from tape after RMAN expiration
or ADSM expiration. Can somebody help?

HP-UX     & AIX     client
Oracle RMAN using recovery catalog
ADSM ConnectAgent
AIX Server    with 3590 tapes
NO backup stgpool on any storage pools is performed

As the following problem case is happening in parallel with a lot of client
backup, we do not want to restore ADSM database to the point before problem
happened with the expense of lossing backup of other clients.

NodeName & copygroup Setting:

adsm> q node hp62_lxdss_1

Node Name                 Platform Policy Domain  Days Since Days Since
                                   Name                 Last   Password
                                                      Access        Set
------------------------- -------- -------------- ---------- ---------- ---
HP62_LXDSS_1              Agnt for RMAN_D1                 2         70
HP62_LXDSS_1              Agnt for RMAN_D1                 2         70
                           Orc Bkp

adsm> q copyg rman_d1 f=d

            Policy Domain Name: RMAN_D1
               Policy Set Name: ACTIVE
               Mgmt Class Name: RMAN_D1
               Copy Group Name: STANDARD
               Copy Group Type: Backup
          Versions Data Exists: 1
         Versions Data Deleted: 0
         Retain Extra Versions: 1
           Retain Only Version: 0
                     Copy Mode: Modified
            Copy Serialization: Shared Static
                Copy Frequency: 0
              Copy Destination: BACKUP_D1
Last Update by (administrator): ADMIN
         Last Update Date/Time: 03/17/99   19:44:45
              Managing profile:

Problem Case:
RMAN expiration (allocate channel for delete, change backuppiece ...
delete, release channel) was run inadvertently,

Found those backuppiece deleted from RMAN catalogue.

In ADSM server, show version nodename:

/adsmorc : // HP62_LXDSS_1.LXDSS.2085.1.363138104.15aqa31o (MC: DEFAULT)
Inactive, Inserted 04/18/99 23:41:48, Deactivated 12/00/0/ 00:00:00

Question 1:    No ADSM 'expire inventory' nor tape reclaimation has been
run. Any way to revert the entry such that it will not be expired upon next

Question 2:    'expire inventory' is run but no reclaimation nor write to
tape is performed; that is those "inactive" entries are gone from database
but data is still physically on tapes. Any way to locate which tapes are
affected by expiration and any method to read/restore data from those

Question 3:    if reclaimation is also run, and some of the tapes are
overwritten, similar to Q2, any way to locate which are the
non-overwritten tapes and read/restore data from those tapes.

For all questions, understand that even if files on ADSM side is recovered,
still need to rebuild entries in RMAN.
If the above is possible for client backup, is it possible for client

Thank you very much.

Eric Tang
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