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2015-10-04 17:43:36

We are running ADSM on an H50 under AIX 4.3.  We backup to a disk pool and then migrate the data to tape later. We use an STK9710 library with DLT7000 tapes drives.  We currently backup 60+ servers and aprox 200GB a night. The majority of the data backed up is full backups of Oracle data bases.  Most of our Oracle data bases are v7.3.X.  We also have a couple  that are V8.  We have two servers with large Oracle databases(aprox 200GB each- V7.3.5) we want to add to ADSM.  When/if that happens under our current environment we will no longer meet our backup window.  We have been discussing doing incremental backups on the Oracle data bases(do a full backup on Sunday and then backup the logs during the week).  I'd like to hear from anyone who has experience(good & bad) doing incremental Oracle backups.  I'd also be interested in your method of doing them.


Doug Strilecky
dstrilecky AT bcbsm DOT com
ph. 313-983-3411
fax 313-225-6644

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