Novell Issues

1999-05-24 14:45:35
Subject: Novell Issues
From: Garlin Robert F <garlin.rf AT MELLON DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 14:45:35 -0400
I am new to ADSM and even newer to this group and have a couple question
with backing up NetWare 4.x servers with ADSM:

1) Can ADSM backup NDS, and if so how ?

2) If I have to run a retrieve from an archive ADSM does not restore the
directory trustee rights. Is there any way I can configure ADSM to backup
and restore directory trustee rights along with the directory so I do not
have to reassign them ?

Any help would be appreciated.
Bob Garlin
garlin.r AT mellon DOT com
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