Re: Cancelling Processes w/Tape Drive Problems

1999-05-24 14:33:52
Subject: Re: Cancelling Processes w/Tape Drive Problems
From: Jim Kleberg <jrkleberg AT STATESTREET DOT COM>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 14:33:52 -0400
     We were never able to do this on MVS, even under V2.

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Subject: Cancelling Processes w/Tape Drive Problems
Author:  vhysock (vhysock AT CSC DOT COM)
Date:    05/24/1999 1:19 PM

Hi all,

     First - thanks to everyone who responded to my note on 0C1 abends in
my MVS server.

     Second - has anyone else noticed sometime since upgrading to version 3
of the server (both UNIX and MVS exhibit the problem here) - that you can
no longer cancel a process that is requesting a tape mount until the tape
is actually mounted?  For example, if I get a call from a tape operator
that the ADSM server has an outstanding tape mount request on a tape drive
that is experiencing I/O errors, and I try to cancel the process, it will
not cancel until it gets the mount?  I am then forced to recycle the server
to eliminate the request.  Many times I have to cancel it to get it to go
down.  I used to be able to just cancel the process, which would then drop
the mount request.  What's up with this?

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