Re: ANS1410E Unable to access the network path\Win98 restore

1999-05-21 18:33:35
Subject: Re: ANS1410E Unable to access the network path\Win98 restore
From: Eric LEWIS <eric.lewis AT CCMAIL.ADP.WISC DOT EDU>
Date: Fri, 21 May 1999 16:33:35 -0600
Hi again:  I think I fixed my own problem.

I have a Promise Ultra33 ATA/EIDE Bus Master IDE Accellerator that I was
required to install in the computer in order to use a Seagate Ultra IDE 4 GB
drive - Windows 98 tried to load its own UDMA drivers and my mother board BIOS
did not support UDMA and it failed.  Interestingly the IBM 10.1 GB Ultra IDE
drive worked in the same situation without error.  IBM's IDE firmware apparently
is better able to recognize the lack of MB BIOS UDMA support (SiS 551x/P54C PCI
Mainboard) and doesn't let the Windows UDMA driver screw it up.

So anyway, I finally got around to installing the drivers that came with the
Promise card (after refresh from the Promise Web site) and lo and behold, the
restore is running like a charm.  This was the only change.  So the problem I
document below must somehow have been caused by the Windows 98 drivers that were
replaced by the Promise drivers.

Tip:  Purchase IBM's IDE diskdrives if you are using older motherboards with no
UDMA support and Windows 98.  This problem does NOT occur with Windows 95 - I
tested that.

Eric Lewis UW-Madison

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Subject: ANS1410E Unable to access the network path\Win98 restore
Author:  Eric LEWIS at DoIT-MAIL1
Date:    5/21/99 3:25 PM

     Hi:  I am testing a bare metal restore using Windows 98, ver
     client.  The client connects to the server and logs in ok.  I issue
     the following restore command:

     res \\smt-supercomp98\c$\ -rep=all -sub=yes

     and it displays

     restoring           0\\smt-supercomp98\c$\adsm98.sys  ** Unsuccessful
     ANS1410E Unable to access the network path.

     We don't think this is a network problem despite the message and no
     errors show on the server activity log.

     The server shows that the client is level 5, I think the last backup
     was done with a level 6 client.

     The GUI B/A client is able to see the restore directory structure and
     I see the new client in it.

     So I tried restoring the dsm.opt file in c$\Program

     to its original location ... in a directory tree that does not yet
     exist on my harddrive and I get the message that the file allready
     exists.  So I say replace it then I get the failure

     Data unavailable to server ... dsm.opt

     and the single file restore prcess completes with the failure
     restoring 0 files.

     This looks to me as if I am in a very buggy situation ... anyone got
     any clues?  Thanks Eric Lewis UW-Madison
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